A little something something…

Okay, enough of the chit chat, we are going to start today on your path to a fitter, healthier you. I have a challenge for you. It kind of reflects my view on the world and impacts everything I do. It’s called the Little Something Something and it goes like this…

If you do something good for yourself today that you didn’t do yesterday, you have changed your world for the better.

Use it in all areas of your life

I take this philosophy when I am trying to decide whether to put a plastic bottle in the garbage bin or take a little extra time to find the recycling bin and place it there instead. It may take a bit more time to recycle but I know it’s better for the world so it’s worth that effort. I will also admit that there are times that I just throw that bottle in the garbage but I try not to beat myself up about that decision. I console myself with the fact that I put the last 5 bottles in recycling and helped in that small way.

I want you to approach your fitness in the same way.

I want you to get up today and do something physical that you would not normally do

Don't rush into it.

I want you to start slowly though because pain is a great de-motivator. If you get up today and walk for an hour uphill and then cannot walk for the next week, you will shy away from exercise altogether. If you get up and walk for 10 minutes around the local park today and then can do that again tomorrow and every morning for a week, you have done far more to benefit your body than hitting it hard for only one day of the week.

Know your limits

If you are managing this easily, then walk faster, further and for longer, keeping in mind that you want to do something today that you didn’t do yesterday.

And then challenge them!

Begin to add some calisthenics to your walk. Find a patch of grass and do three sets of 10 push-ups, on your knees if you have to. Remember to keep your back flat.

Find a park bench or low wall and do three sets of 10 triceps dips. Start with your arms straight and lower yourself until you’re your arms are bent at a right angle. Begin with your knees bent at a right angle and as you get stronger, move your feet away from the bench until you can do all thirty with your legs straight.

Form a new habit

I would also like you to start making this routine in your life. There are some people who can train once a week and achieve the results that they want. They are few and far between. I want you to commit to this change at least 4 days a week. Make the time for it. All I’m asking if you are starting from scratch is for 20 minutes of your day. A fitter, healthier you is worth that commitment.

There is no miracle drug no matter what you hear…

Fitness is not something that can come from an injection of spider venom. It is something that has to be worked on and worked on at a pace that motivates you to continue rather than at a pace that makes you dread doing it and do everything that you can to avoid it.

Two steps forward and one back is still moving forward!

And if you don’t manage to do a little something something every day, don’t beat yourself up. It’s okay to fall down sometimes but you need to start fresh again each day. Some people use the fact that they didn’t manage to do something yesterday as an excuse to stop trying all together and that’s not the attitude I want for you. I want to see you treat each day as a new day and acknowledge the fact that you did more today than you did yesterday and congratulate yourself for that but remember the congratulations does not include an extra serving of cookie dough ice cream because then you might as well have stayed on the couch!

Just remember that 5 bottles thrown in the garbage and 1 thrown in the recycling is better than all 6 bottles in the garbage.

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