Solo Off Grid Hunt

After being vegetarian for over 20 years, Ky made a decision to eat meat for health reasons. She decided that if she was going to eat meat, she was going to try to do it as sustainably as possible and took up the traditional bow as the weapon of choice to hunt her own food. This led to a year of practicing and learning all she could about bow hunting and using as much of the animal as possible once she had a successful hunt.

She reached a stage where she wanted to test all her knowledge in the most stressful way possible, off grid and alone, in one of the most desolate places of South Australia.

With the mid north of Australia pumping out day after day of over 34C (93F) in it’s drought striken regions, Ky camped out by the ruins of an old stone cottage that had no power, no running water and no phone signal.

The only food she ate was the food she hunted herself which, in this case, was the feral goats that fought with the sheep for the limited water supplies in the area. She processed and used every part of the goat she could from making leather from its hide to making rope from its intestines. She ate the organ meat and used the animals brain to traditionally tan the hide.

It was an experience that she walked away from with a new-found faith in her own primitive living skills and a confidence that she had learned enough to survive on her own.