Ky has backpacked in over 65 countries, most of it on solo journeys and spent much of her adult life pushing her body and mind to its limits. She has trekked over 100 miles across the Sierras carrying only a pocketknife. She has travelled the Amazon basin in Brazil until the river ended and the small boat they were traveling in was forced to turn back. She has traveled to the depths of the Belize jungles searching for a lost Mayan civilization. She has faced the Louisiana swamps, sharks in the Bahamas and solo time in the Amazon for Discovery’s most extreme survival show ever made and raced world renowned survivalist, Ed Stafford, over a high altitude pass in China. And that’s just to name a few of them.

When she was in her early 20’s Ky saw a quote that was apparently an ancient Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times”. She decided from that moment on that to live in interesting times was the best goal she could ever have and planned her first adventure backpacking around Southern Africa. The adventures haven’t stopped since then with every spare moment being squeezed into heart stopping one-of-a-kind-experiences that arguably become more and more extreme as Ky’s skillset grows and her interest in finding her limits becomes more defined. She has explored over 65 countries and participated in the most extreme survival experiences she can while always focusing on how she can give back to the world.

Hiking Across
Sierra nevada

Ky had always wondered if it was possible to do a long trek living off the land carrying only a pocketknife. She tested herself for 100 miles over 10 grueling days in the Sierra Nevada to prove it was.

Solo Off
Grid Hunt

In an effort to prove to herself that she had the skills to hunt with her traditional bow and fully process her kills by herself, Ky headed to a remote location in the mid north of Australia for over three weeks to live off the land.


Ky’s philosophy is about giving back and helping where she can. This led to her helping to raise money and taking a group of Australian teenagers to Bardia, Nepal, to assist with building a small local school.

Girl On Fire

Ky travelled around Queensland on her motorbike meeting with and highlighting extraordinary teens facing challenges and achieving amazing things in order to inspire others.

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