Giving Back In Nepal

Ky was approached in 2018 to assist with a charity project in Nepal. They were looking for someone who could help lead a trip of teenagers from all over the world to Nepal with the aim to complete a mountain trek and assist with building a school.

Bright Futures of Bardia was an organization started in order to help combat the growing child sex trade in the small town of Bardia. Studies prove that if a child is educated, then their worth is greater than the potential worth of selling them as indentured servants to other countries.

Ky assisted with raising money for the Bardia Memorial Community School and spent time in Nepal looking at how best to use the funds they were raising. In 2019 she then co-led a trip back to Nepal with 18 participants.

The trip included a trek to Mardi Himal base camp in the Annapurna region of Nepal, followed by a week in the jungle region of Bardia where the students helped build the buildings they had raised money for and participated in a cultural exchange with the students of BMCS.