Ky is a world-class survivalist, an inspiring motivational speaker and an extreme adventurer. She is engaging and authentic in her presentation and always willing to push her limits. She has extensive experience in the outdoors but is equally at home in front of large corporate groups. From dealing with fear and anxiety to managing change and problem solving, she is able to cover a large range of relevant topics whether in the real jungle or the urban jungle. 

Ky’s presentation was well planned, well delivered and well received by attendees. The presentation was well tied in with an awesome power point presentation. We have received record numbers of returned surveys from attendees regarding this event

Logan City Council

The storyline, content and videos were absolutely amazing - and from an audience perspective, Ky is definitely a breath of fresh air with an exciting topic.

Events and Project Manager
Third Party Relationship Channels

Ky Furneaux entertains, educates and motivates you too the point of wanting to be the best you can be. The best speaker by far I have seen in the last 10 years. Amazing journey and presentation.

Martin Vidakovic

Get out of your comfort zone and grab life with both hands!


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