Hiking Across Sierra Nevada

Ky and Survival Expert Thomas Coyne joined forces to attempt an epic adventure across one of the most rugged and beautiful mountain ranges in the world; the mighty Sierra Nevadas. They showed that natural environments are not dangerous places where only the adventurous may go, they are also welcoming and nurturing places providing all that anyone needs to thrive. To this aim, they headed out into the wilderness carrying only a pocketknife and essential emergency equipment.

Along the way they gathered all the food and water required to make the journey, as well as constructing tools and shelter- proving that the old ways may have nearly been forgotten… but they were not lost.

Hike for Survival Teaser

The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range is one of the most strikingly beautiful in the world, and it represents the pinnacle of the backcountry hiking experience. The awe inspiring views, rugged terrain, and vast untouched and colorful expanses of the High Sierras move peoples souls, tests their stamina, and leaves them forever changed in some small inexorable way. It is a land of diversity and extremes.

When selecting the Trans-Sierra hiking route Thomas and Ky took many things into consideration. They needed a long enough distance to be formidable, but also an area that allowed them to be able to gather ample amounts of food for the calories to be mercilessly burned on the trek.

The trip began near the Kaweah River Reservoir and headed West for over 100 miles to the great Mojave Desert where they completed their journey.

Sounds simple enough right? But with just a pocketknife to aid them, this journey turned from a challenging hike through the wilderness- to a monumental survival challenge