Water – Please Drink More…

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The health tip that is consistently talked about but rarely ever explained is the fact that you should drink more water.  It’s my belief that if people understood why this is so important, they would probably be more motivated to make sure that they do.  So here goes.  Why you should drink more water:


Water makes up about 70% of our body.  It circulates through the blood and is responsible for transporting essential nutrients and oxygen to our organs.  It then takes the toxins and waste from those organs and gets it out of our body in the form of sweat and urine.


This means basically if you don’t drink enough water, you aren’t getting good things to your organs and cells and you aren’t getting the bad things out of your body.


And what does this mean for how you function as a human being?  It means that without enough water you will be sluggish, more prone to sickness and have less stamina to exercise.


So what is enough water?  There are many arguments out there as to the answer to that question but the most common answer is about 8 cups or almost 2 liters of water a day.  Now this is pure, filtered water, not soda, coffee, tea or juice.  Anything with caffeine in it (like some energy drinks) actually dehydrate you and the rule of thumb for that is for every cup of caffeine, you need to have two cups of water to combat the effect on your body.


If this seems complicated, bottom line is that most people don’t drink enough water so just start trying to drink more pure water than you currently do.  One way of doing this is buying a liter bottle that is just for water.  Fill it in the morning and challenge yourself to finish it at least once by the end of the day.  Your body will thank you.



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