No Two People Are The Same AKA Why Most Diets Don’t Work

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Peas In A Pod?

The main beef that I have with the latest fad diets or new fitness crazes that crop up all the time is that they give the impression they will work for every body.  The bottom line is that much like no two fingerprints are the same, no two bodies are the same.


The Lion vs The Lamb

Some bodies function amazingly on a low meat diet and being vegan may be the way that your body can optimally process what goes in and regulate what goes out.  As a vegan, your skin might glow and your eyes might sparkle but I have also known people whose bodies just really need whatever nutrients and fats that meat provide.  An animal activist friend of mine tried so hard to be vegan.  He supplemented animal protein with large amounts of plant proteins and also took every vitamin supplement he could to stay healthy.  No matter what he did, his skin became pale, he lost energy and his hair and nails became dry and brittle.


Me, I’m the opposite.  If I eat meat, I become lethargic and my system doesn’t function properly.  I don’t even use supplements or go out of my way to use a plant based protein every meal and my energy levels are high, my body functions well and my hair and nails are strong.  My body is meant to be vegetarian.


The Yoga Guru vs The Gladiator

The same is true for exercise routines.  Some people can do an hour of yoga a day and their bodies will remain tight and lean.  If they do any more than that, they just become over-fatigued and their body can’t flush the waste product of exercise out.  Other people need to train harder, hitting a spin class or boot camp every other day in order to shift unwanted weight.  They become MORE energized the more they do.


If The (Training) Shoe Fits…

The trick is finding what works for you.  And the only way you can discover that is by experimenting over a period of time.  I discovered that I functioned best as a vegetarian due to long outdoor trips in Australia where I couldn’t carry meat as it would spoil.  When I returned home and ate meat, all the energy I had on the trip would vanish.


Don’t Stop Believing…

And the bottom line in all of this is that it is really important to me that you know that not all diet and exercise plans will work for you.  The main reason most people give up on diet and exercise programs is because they are not seeing results. They then binge and experience guilt associated with not succeeding and it puts them into a worse spot than when they first began.  My aim is to give you basic ideas that should work for most but don’t worry if they don’t work for you.  Experiment to see what works best for you but don’t give it days to see if it works, you need to give it weeks, even a couple of months to see real changes.  And if it’s not working you can always contact me and I’ll see if I can figure out something that will.  Let the games begin…


FYI… Your hair, skin and nails are often the first indicators that your diet is not working for you.  Consider them the “early warning system” that you need to make some changes.  A healthy body will have shiny hair, strong nails and clear skin.

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