Woolworth’s Ad Campaign Released!

kfurneaux News

Last year Woolworth’s in Australia asked Ky to be a part of their national ad campaign & today Ky is excited to announce its release! It’s all part of a “I got my start at Woolworth’s” push talking about how a part-time job at a supermarket is great for a kid. A little know fact about Ky is that she was in fact a check out chick when she was at school, so she was really happy to help with the campaign. Check it out below!

New Logo!

kfurneaux News

Ky recently worked with the amazingly talented speaking coach Kylie Bartlett (www.kyliebartlett.com) to create a logo to help promote Ky’s brand.  Kylie had a ready pool of talented people on board and through her Ky met with Lucinda Lions, of Slogan Creator (www.slogancreator.com.au). Lucinda Lions help to define Ky’s main message: “Choose Your Life.  Lose Your Limits”. Shona Maitland of Shona Creative (www.shonacreative.com.au) then designed a simple yet effective logo for it. Ky was very happy with the end product & as always would love to know your feedback, either via the Contact page or on social media.