Waking Up To Sunrise!

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Ky recently caught up with Paul Marshall for Sunrise to talk about her amazing career as a stuntwoman in Hollywood! Ky also discusses her time on ‘Naked and Afraid’,  her book ‘Girl’s Own Survival Guide’ and what’s next for her post-injury!

Aussie stunt woman Ky Furneaux not ready to hang up the boots yet. Video: https://yhoo.it/2laaCLz#sun7

Posted by Sunrise on Saturday, February 4, 2017

Exclusive: Behind-The-Scenes of a ‘Blindspot’ Stunt Rehearsal

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Ky recently filmed a special 30-minute Behind-The-Scenes Stunt Rehearsal for NBC’s Blindspot. It was done as a live-feed exclusively for Facebook and was a great opportunity to explain the process of how the Stunt Team creates stunt sequences; from firstly receiving the script up to the final product of what you see on the television! Ky said, “It was really fun to interact with a live online audience and answer their questions as we went along!”.