Ky Announces New Upcoming Workshops

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Ky is absolutely thrilled to announce she will be hosting a series of workshops in conjunction with FUEL Girl Shaped Flames. The workshops will take place in Brisbane, Australia from November 13th – 16th. Ky is super excited to connect with girls who will be the champions of tomorrow!

Nab one of the limited spots in Ky’s workshops HERE, where she’ll work with you to apply the critical skills of survival in the wild to survival of every-day life and the achievement of goals. Learn from someone who kept her dreams big, even in the face of overwhelming odds.

Pretty Powerful Girls

kfurneaux News

Ky recently sat down to talk with Pretty Powerful Girls – you can read the interview HERE. Pretty Powerful Girls’ mission is to ensure the next generation of girls are confident, resilient and strong; both mentally and physically. Ky was very honored to be considered such a role model and share her story to help empower girls everywhere!