“I Can’t!”… Otherwise Known As “I Won’t Try”

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I can’t flap my arms and fly.  That is the truth and until some technology comes along that can attach on and prove me wrong, I am not going to jump off a cliff to test that truth out.


I won’t try Brussels sprouts.  I say I can’t eat them but really it’s just the idea of them and truthfully I’ve never even tried them.


How many things in your life do you say that you can’t do?  That you feel are not possible but really you haven’t even tried them?  What are you missing out on because you are unwilling to give it a go, to test it out and see if you would perhaps like it?


My mother was not really a fan of getting into a bathing suit to swim in the ocean.  She wasn’t really keen on the idea of a wetsuit either.  She could swim but just wouldn’t.  When she was 62, I took her snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef.  I coaxed her into a wetsuit amongst cries of “I can’t” and she found her passion.  She loved it more than she had loved anything else she had done.  She had just missed out on years of it because she wouldn’t try it.


I do understand there are things that you probably won’t like doing once you have tried them.  I really don’t like the taste of raw tadpoles.  I won’t be eating them again unless I am dying, but at least I have tried it to make that decision.  As Jim Carey found out in The Yes Man, it can be incredibly freeing to try different things and who knows, you might find your passion where you least expect it.

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