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Probably one of the most common health mistakes people make is the failure to eat breakfast. This is a huge problem and I’m here to tell you why…


Running on Empty

Let’s firstly look at what breakfast really is. It’s a break in your fast. This means that you probably ate last about 8 to 10 hours ago. Your body has worked through the night to burn whatever fuel you consumed the previous day and now the gas tank is on low. So low the fuel light is frantically flashing. And to continue that metaphor… would you get in a car with the fuel light flashing and ignore its plea for help, only stopping to fill up when you chug to a halt on the side of the freeway? No. You would head to the nearest gas station and fill up so that you can start your day smoothly by getting to work instead of vaguely wandering along the side of the road vaguely with gas can in hand.


Lack of Breakfast Blues

People who eat breakfast find that they have more energy throughout the day, they are able to focus better on tasks at hand and it also affects mood, so if you are finding yourself grumpy and irritable during the day, it may not be because you think your boss is looking at you strangely. It may just be because you did not eat breakfast.


Sick of Feeling Tired by Mid-Morning?

One of the excuses that people use for not eating breakfast is that it makes them feel sick. In my experience this mindset is a habit formed by not really exploring good breakfast options. A huge injection of sugar coated grain is definitely not what your body needs in the morning but may be what you are giving it hence the nausea. Although it may make your taste buds sing your body’s response is quite different. It gets a sugar buzz that may make you feel like taking on the world but it is more likely to hit you with the feeling that you just had one too many coffees. It then very quickly crashes and you feel worse off than you would if you didn’t have breakfast at all. And then the worst thing? It actually makes you crave more sugary things. And so the vicious cycle begins.


Hidden In The Most “Healthy” of Places

“I’m not eating Captain Crunch for breakfast though” you may think to yourself. “I am having one of the whole grain low-fat cereals which is very healthy for me”. Think again. Most store cereals are very high in sugar even if it’s not apparent by the labeling and taste. Most cereals are also carbohydrates. This means that although they don’t immediately convert to sugar, they will eventually and this can lead to a low in energy by the time your morning coffee break rolls around.

Popular Protein Produces Power (throughout the day)

Popular science says that your first meal of the day should be a protein. It apparently makes you feel full longer (leading to less calories taken in during the day) and releases energy in a slow controlled way that means fewer lows in your energy throughout the day.


Protein Can Be Plant Based Too! (for those veggie lovers)

I have found that this works best for my body too. I’m not suggesting fry up a big wedge of Canadian bacon (although if that’s what you love and you would be eating nothing if not for that, then go ahead). Proteins come in many different forms. The absolute healthiest and best option I have found is the organic greens drinks. It doesn’t have to be a full meal, just a few tablespoons of greens, some coconut water and some blueberries to taste and drink that down before your cereal of choice. The protein in these powders usually comes from sea vegetables and is the highest form of pure protein for vegetarians.
Protein Powders Are Particularly Delicious!

There are also a wide range of protein powders available that would work as well. Sun Warrior protein powders are the tastiest ones I have found that are also incredibly good for you. They come in flavors such as vanilla and chocolate so you will almost feel like you get to have a milkshake for breakfast but be doing yourself the world of good too. Just make sure if you are buying your protein powder in your local supermarket that you avoid ones with more than 5g of sugar per serving or an excess of heavy metals (apparently it’s ok to have arsenic and lead in some protein powders – yikes!).

You can find out which protein powders are best for you by looking at the long list of ingredients on the side of the package or by searching on the internet for heavy metal safe protein powders.
Some Conventional Proteins

Other forms of protein that are good in the breakfast category are eggs (boil up a couple at night and munch on them with pink salt as you head out the door), last night’s left over chicken breast or roast and nuts and seeds.
If You Don’t Enjoy It, You Won’t Eat It

The trick to all this is finding something that you really enjoy eating. I love breakfast. It’s my favorite meal of the day but it took me a while of experimenting to find the things I truly look forward to. Every person that I have worked with to help get into the habit of eating breakfast has successfully trained their body and mind to begin to love breakfast and make sure that it becomes a part of their routine.
Some of my favorite protein breakfasts…

– Green smoothie with 1 tablespoon of greens powder, 2 tablespoons of lean whey powder, a cup of blueberries, a tablespoon of raw almond butter and coconut milk

– Boiled eggs

– Omelettes

– Peanut butter smoothie with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, 1 banana, 2 scoops of protein powder and some low fat milk

– Yogurt with berries
Experiment A Little…

Find the thing that is yummy for you. Add yogurt to your smoothie, try raspberries and strawberries, poach the egg if you fancy, maybe use a fruit juice base for your greens drink, check out websites for interesting protein drink combinations. I don’t care how it goes down, as long as it goes down.


The Early Bird…

If your excuse is that you haven’t got time for breakfast, set your alarm for ten minutes earlier. You will feel less tired minus those ten minutes sleep than you will at 11am when you can hardly think through your lack of fuel fatigue. Eating breakfast will help you to be the very best you that you can be.

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